Are You A Fan Of Spicy Food?

We have recently started offering spicy caesar dip made with a highly concentrated hot sauce, (one of the hottest available on the market). One drop is called 'Brave', two drops is 'Heroic' and three is 'No Refunds'. They are so tasty and are great for a pizza dipper, a wing dipper or to add a kick to your regular salad dressing! $2.00/container. Warning...these are highly delicious and addictive! 

County Bounty Soda

Have you tried County Bounty artisanal sodas? They are crafted right in town and are absolutely delicious, (not only for soda lovers but for mixers for adult beverages!). Some of our favorite regulars include Cherry Vanilla, Raspberry Lime and Strawberry Basil but are always rotating our stock with lots of fun seasonal flavors.

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